Our firm has a history of litigating and recovering a broad array of financial products including:

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Breach of Contract
Buisness Loan
Judgment enforcement


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Robert A. Harris II

Connell A. Loftus

Sarah E. Lewis

William P. Anglin

Jennifer L. Kenel


We are a law firm hired by financial institutions and other creditors to attempt to resolve consumer or commercial debt. We want to work with you to create a payment solution that is appropriate for your unique financial situation. If you have received a lawsuit, letter or phone call from our office, we invite you to contact us today so we can try to help you resolve your account. We can be reached at 703-361-5131 or help@harrisloftus.net.

Creditors are anyone who is owed money. It could be a bank, a lending company, credit card issuer, debt buyer, or generally any person who is owed money. Our firm represents creditors.

Often times creditors sell their defaulted debts to other companies. The buyer of these debts steps into the shoes of the original creditor and can enforce the debt, including obtaining a judgment in court. The debtor (person who owes the money) now owes the money to the buyer of those debts.

There are many ways to pay your outstanding account. To make a payment online, please visit our payment portal. If you prefer to call, we can be reached at 703-361-5131. If you prefer not to speak with anyone, you may also mail a check to the address listed on the Contact Us page.

Your file number is typically listed on any letter you receive from us. If you are having trouble finding it, you can always send an email to Help@HarrisLoftus.net or call us at 703-361-5131

There are many ways of resolving an account through a settlement agreement, payment arrangement, or other solution to fit your needs whenever possible. Our client ultimately decides whether or not an offer is acceptable, but we do our best to try and create the best possible outcome for all parties involved in the recovery process. This is an opportunity to put an outstanding debt behind you!

We commonly resolve accounts after a judgment has been entered. Judgments are determinations by the court that a debt is owed and empowers our clients to pursue remedies on an involuntary basis. That is not our preference! We are always open to the possibilities of entering into a voluntary arrangement whenever possible.

Yes we can and do work with these types of companies once they provide us the proper written authorization that is needed to communicate with their representatives. We strongly suggest that you follow-up with any company you hire to insure they are performing to your desires, especially when there is a lawsuit pending against you. Please also be aware that our clients have to approve plans offered by debt settlement or consolidation programs.

We do not charge you any fees for our services, those are paid for by our client, which is the bank or creditor who is owed the money. We represent the financial institutions, and they pay us for our work. However, our clients will sometimes ask courts to reimburse the attorneys’ fees creditors will pay to us, as part of a judgment. It is up to a court to decide those attorneys’ fees.

Once a lawsuit is filed, it is very common that we hire a court officer or sheriff to deliver the documents to the home or business of the defendant in the lawsuit. Despite this court process, we remain willing to resolve the matter to the best of our abilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Although we appreciate offers, settlements, and resolving cases, Harris Loftus doesn’t own the debt and cannot always make the final decision for resolution. However, understanding your circumstances that caused you to make your offer is vital. That understanding allows us to negotiate a favorable outcome. Communication is vital so that we can better understand your specific financial circumstances and what caused the default to begin with.

Yes, we often pursue commercial accounts with and without a personal guarantee. Generally, we pursue any liable party who guarantees a debt, including businesses, guarantors, and persons who signed for the debt.

Payments are not the only thing necessary to resolve a case, but they are always a good start. We usually need an agreement in writing that both the law firm and the defendants sign to memorialize the agreement amongst the parties. We will file the agreement in court as necessary.

We understand that life happens and sometimes it is difficult to maintain agreements. We encourage people to always arrange settlements that they can afford, but if you are in default, it can lead to adverse action being taken. We strongly encourage you to reach out to the firm to try and create a better resolution on your file. Communication is key!

We strongly recommend you reach an arrangement with our firm on any case we are involved in. Without your cooperation in a settlement, the court case will proceed whether you attend or not. You always have the right to come to court. If you have defenses to your case, we encourage you to assert those defenses. While we represent the creditor, we have no interest in collecting debts that are not lawfully owed!

No. We represent creditors and cannot provide you with legal advice. It would be improper of us to provide legal advice to you.